Thursday, July 2, 2009

Painting, Sprinklers, and Cake.

This was my week.

Wednesday we painted. My kids LOVE painting. I love watching them paint. Alex and Ethan painted dinosaurs and dragons, and Isabella painted her hands and arms, literally.

IMG_2675 IMG_2678IMG_2679

Thursday we played outside in the heat, with the lawn sprinklers on. The kids were a little weary at first, but eventually the boys were soaked. Isabella seemed mad the entire time. As girls can sometimes seem.


At the end of the day, we made a strawberry vanilla cake. We let that cool while we got ready to go to church for my music practice, which ended up being canceled. That was nice though, because Hubby and I had a lot of things we needed to finish.


So, I frosted the cake with butter cream frosting. Then I took the kids for a walk, said hello to our friends around the corner, whose kids were in bed at 7:30 and quiet or asleep by 8; a dream of mine. She was stung by a bee, and he broke his finger playing basketball! So naturally, Ethan and I went back with some cake.

How was your week?

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