Wednesday, August 12, 2009



I made 130 cupcakes with these stars on them for our young adults church group.  It was for the sixth birthday of the group.  I also made about 50 cookies in the shape of stars and with teal royal icing.  I have to admit though, I ran out of decorating time and had a few cupcakes and cookies left over at home.

Everyone loved them.  That made me happy! I love baking and when people love what I bake it makes it even more rewarding. :)

Here are few photos of what was left by time I got the camera out.


Sorry this is totally upside down. When I rotated it on live writer the letters were mirrored.  Weird.



Thanks guys for posing with my cupcakes. LOL.  Mandy of course YOU, would hold it upside down you space cadet! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday 2nd Birthday Isabella!


Well, this will be a short post as will the ones following it. Why?  Well, for some odd reason my spacebar, number four, and number six keys are not working on my lap top. SO I am using the on screen keyboard to hit space between every word.  ANNOYING! I am a pretty speedy typist so you could see my frustration with how this might slow me down.

OK, now that my explanation is out of the way, Here is Isabella's Birthday cake and cupcakes.  I know, I am like a week late posting this. 

The Cupcakes were butter chocolate cake with pink butter cream.  The cake was four layers: two strawberry vanilla, and two blueberry vanilla. I used butter cream for this as well.  Everyone Enjoyed it.  No party this year, just mommy, daddy brothers, and Grandma and Apa dropped over.



Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sugar Cookies.

Yesterday Hubby's mom made dinner, so I made some dessert. I made chocolate covered strawberries and sugar cookies. I used Royal icing to decorate the cookies. These were fun and satisfying to make. I love the way royal icing sets to a matte finish. IMG_2995

These petit little cookies were the perfect treat for the family, especially the kids. They were quick. I base quickness on my ability to finish them, take a shower, eat and ENJOY dinner, AND, still get the kids ready, and to Friday night church on time. AMEN!IMG_3000