Friday, September 16, 2011

Bento Lunches

This year the kids started kindergarten (insert gasp).  I want to make it special for them, and a little easier for me to make their lunches.  Something less mundane.  Then I remembered a LONG time ago I came across a Japanese Blog chalked full of bento supply links and super creative adult bento meals.  So I decided I would start making them bento lunches.  I actually found dirt cheap Mickey Mouse bento boxes at the Disney Store for $2.99! So here are my creations so far, I hope that you can take some inspiration from them.  Thanks for reading Smile

dino bento                 fish bentomissy's bento

                                                                  mac and cheese bento                                                      butterfly 2 bentostar bento                                        phineas bento

smile bento

I hope you enjoyed these, I would also love to see your creations as well!