Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeding The Horses


August 14th, 2009.  Let me tell you about Jack.  We went to my moms new home where she lives with her dear friend Jack.  He is such a breath of fresh air.  He has no children or grandchildren of his own, and is just delighted to spend time with all of our kids.  He takes the occasional break in the back room, but that's expected from a man who is rarely in the presence of small children.

Jack was raised Southern Baptist, and I do believe he loves college football.  He loves horses.  He wakes up every morning at 5 am to feed them.  He is so accustomed to it that there is no need for an alarm clock.  He makes quite possibly the best ribs EVER.  I love how he changes his sneakers to boots with his shorts when its time to get dirty.  No Wranglers Needed Here.

He is a Generous, Whole-Hearted, God Fearing, Loving, Gracious, Kind, Patient, Manly, Man.

I like him.  Who wouldn't.  And,  well, he puts up with my mom so that's got to count for something.


Alex  and Ethan helping Jack get the food ready for the horses.


Walking the food to the horses with Jack.

I Know, I'm Delinquent.

So, still have not purchased a new keyboard. Yes, I know they carry inexpensive get-the-job-done keyboards at any home office store; but I think I am not-so-secretly hoping for a new MACBOOK!  Not gonna happen but a girl can dream.

Anyway.  That is why I have been putting off the many blog ideas in my head...and home preschool has started (naturally since summer is over).   

Well...this was just a quick note to let you all, well let's face it- my two (used to be three but Mrs.Mandy deleted her blog! WHY?)public followers: Sarah and, Zen cupcakes know that there are many blog posts a comin'. Ok then.

A picture just because.


I <3 Tummies