Sunday, January 17, 2010

Manly Hands...And a Beach Trip.


This post was supposed to begin by telling you about how hot southern California is, that we ended up having one last soak in the sun in mid September.  But, I though I should start off with how much I love my Hubby's hands.  They're strong, and show hard work.  Even when all he's doing is holding a hermit crab for his little ones. Sigh.   Moving on...


Ethan.  He is a skinny little monster!  He LOVES getting knocked out in that water!  This is his glory look, on his walk up from being out with dad.


Although Bella loves the sand and sun, she's not so keen on that ocean out there.


Bella and Mommy covering up some sand creatures.


Well, he loves just  about anything outside.

August Beach Days.




I thought it was cute, the kids thought it was funny, Alex questions who he married.

Anyway, one of our favorite things to do is go to the beach and just relax.  The kids love it, so its a win win.

Here are some photos from the last of the beach days of the summer.


IMG_3405 IMG_3415




When I count back the months since my last post its pretty pathetic.  All I have are excuses but I decided some new posts are long overdue.  Since my last post we have had birthdays, weddings, holidays, and more!  What's more terrible, it that I have yet to even upload most of those photos from the camera.  Shame on me.  So I will start from the last set of photos to the most recent.

This summer, Alex's cousin Becky married her sweet Bob.  There are WAY too many pictures to show you, because I love them all, but here are a "few" of my favorite.  At the last minute, Isabella and I were unable to attend, because she caught some kind of stomach bug and was...well, I'm sure you get the picture.


Little Alex and his Grandpa Herman (hubby's dad)


Becky and Bob lighting the unity candle.

This was the only photo I actually began to edit...see the lower left steps in the photo?  almost a half a dress and a flower girls basket....almost clean.


Alex's mom and dad, a photo sure to make anyone smile.


In order, Alex's Tia Bertha, Mom, Tia Mercy, and Tia Mauricia


My Hubby, Grandpa, My sister-in-law Nancy, Grandma, Nancy's husband Rafa, Alex Jr. and Ethan


My sweet, handsome boys, Ethan and Alex Jr.


Ethan with Tia Mercy


The boys dancin' it up!



My mom and Jack asked me to make some sunflower cupcakes for a friend of theirs for her birthday.  Here is the result.  To be honest, I had never used a leaf tip before this, and it took a couple tries to realize I needed to turn it sideways. I know, go ahead and laugh.  Well, she loved the cupcakes, and I enjoyed decorating something new.