Wednesday, August 12, 2009



I made 130 cupcakes with these stars on them for our young adults church group.  It was for the sixth birthday of the group.  I also made about 50 cookies in the shape of stars and with teal royal icing.  I have to admit though, I ran out of decorating time and had a few cupcakes and cookies left over at home.

Everyone loved them.  That made me happy! I love baking and when people love what I bake it makes it even more rewarding. :)

Here are few photos of what was left by time I got the camera out.


Sorry this is totally upside down. When I rotated it on live writer the letters were mirrored.  Weird.



Thanks guys for posing with my cupcakes. LOL.  Mandy of course YOU, would hold it upside down you space cadet! :)

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