Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday 2nd Birthday Isabella!


Well, this will be a short post as will the ones following it. Why?  Well, for some odd reason my spacebar, number four, and number six keys are not working on my lap top. SO I am using the on screen keyboard to hit space between every word.  ANNOYING! I am a pretty speedy typist so you could see my frustration with how this might slow me down.

OK, now that my explanation is out of the way, Here is Isabella's Birthday cake and cupcakes.  I know, I am like a week late posting this. 

The Cupcakes were butter chocolate cake with pink butter cream.  The cake was four layers: two strawberry vanilla, and two blueberry vanilla. I used butter cream for this as well.  Everyone Enjoyed it.  No party this year, just mommy, daddy brothers, and Grandma and Apa dropped over.



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