Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Know, I'm Delinquent.

So, still have not purchased a new keyboard. Yes, I know they carry inexpensive get-the-job-done keyboards at any home office store; but I think I am not-so-secretly hoping for a new MACBOOK!  Not gonna happen but a girl can dream.

Anyway.  That is why I have been putting off the many blog ideas in my head...and home preschool has started (naturally since summer is over).   

Well...this was just a quick note to let you all, well let's face it- my two (used to be three but Mrs.Mandy deleted her blog! WHY?)public followers: Sarah and, Zen cupcakes know that there are many blog posts a comin'. Ok then.

A picture just because.


I <3 Tummies

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