Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm a Crazy Kind of Girl...

I know, people tell me all of the time. I have been a busy girl too. I have so much to tell you all!

So where I have I been? Not only delinquent from the blogging world once again(this time not for nearly as long), but I have been loving and rejoicing with the Lord. Do you know how absolutely awesome that guy is? I'm not sure I can even begin to tell you the wonderful things he has done for me in the month that just left us. In short, he fixed my marriage, changed my husband, mended my heart, and made my babies so happy. He helped me realize what really makes me happy, and what really works for my family. So I quit my job folks....I know, my posts go from one extreme to the next. I got a little further in the process with one of the Sheriff's agencies too...but I realized my desire to be a Deputy was for the wrong reason. So that's out the door too. I know, you guys wanted to see me kick some butt, but it's not gonna happen so get it out of your heads. haha. I just really lost sight of what is important. I think it was more of an attraction to the money than anything else, which is not like me at all and if I let him, God will provide that for me whichever way he see's fit.

I feel so insane about the Lord right now and I feel like sharing that with you guys. I know it seems crazy to have quit my job when everyone else is searching for one, but Alex and I felt like God was calling me back home. He was calling back home to our big family, baking, music, crafts, and everything else that makes us happy.

Onto the next topic...I chopped off my hair. Yes,I did. We all know how much I valued that material on my head. But it was dead. Hair is dead. It will grow back. I miss it, a little. But I justified cutting it with quitting my job...a new start, haha. So now its cute and bouncy and short. Alex loves it and it was refreshing. Don't be mad at me. It will grow back.

AHHH! I love you guys and I don't think any action words could EVER explain my excitement to be back home. It was an experience. I met some awesome people and now I am at home with my babies and so happy. There's more to keep checking this blog. I will not disappoint.

Love and Lords Blessings,


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